Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Monday

Illness, resigning from the company that I have worked for for the past 12 years, getting a new job, party planning, living life and slowing my computer down by uploading 4,500+ photos from the holiday and now being close to my data limit for the month.

This is why I'm behind in sharing my happy snaps with you, so while I continue to get myself sorted a quick question for anyone that can be bothered answering. 

How do you store your photos? Once uploaded do you burn them to disc and delete from your computer, portable hard drive, print everything "just in case"?
I have backed everything up but am a little scared to wipe from my desktop, hoping someone can share some storage tips.
Thanks xx

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our holiday PORTUGAL part 1

Nazare, Portugal

We found ourselves visiting this beautiful spot a handful of times.
Nazare was a 40 minute drive from where we were staying, the view was A H MAZING, 
food was delicious (and cheap) lots of shops along the water front and there was a 
yummy ice cream parlour on the shore that served ice cream in fish bowls,
 what more could you need?

The view from the top

Getting down

On the ground


As amazing as the beach looks, the water was FREEZING and the waves were a bit
 too loud for little ears, so we spent most of our time making sand castles

and we rocked our matchy matchy Saltwaters

Friday, October 7, 2011

So so slack, home for a week and, with the exception of our shitty start, 
I haven't shared a thing about our holiday.
We've all come home and been a bit under the weather (maybe thanks to the weather), 
had loads of visitors and just generally disorganised.
So while I try to get back to some sort of routine and sleep pattern here's 
a couple of pics to tide you over. xoxo

We discovered ancient castles in Portugal,

Got lost in Porto,

Devoured nutella crepes underneath some big tower,

Ran into the coolest rodent in the whole wide world,

Dropped in to say Hi to Lizzie and the newlyweds,
and had an awesome family holiday.

Now once I can get through these 4,000 + photos I took I might share some tales.