Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wish list

Apparently I am super hard to buy for but there is always something ridiculous I'm coverting.
I know I'm cutting it fine, but apparently some peeps are aiting for this.

There are plenty things that my heart desires - a new camera and the much dreamt about Chanel handbag but I thought I'd share a more realistic wishlist.

It's huge, impractical, beautiful and slightly ridiculous. 
So it's perfect for me!!!!
I freakin love it, I can't tell you how much I love this giant inflatable swan
It's as practical as plastic backyard flaimingos, but I love them too.

There's plenty of room on my arm for this bangle and this ring would TOTALLY rock my world. A girl can never have too much McQueen

I've been trying to track down a copy of this movie for years.

I'm loving these LOVESTAR vases SOOOO much. 

I have a thing for clear acrylic but the fluro pink........

Then of course these always room in my bookshelves for some new additions from my ever growing book depository wishlist.


Friday, January 11, 2013

I'm ready too

Justified was a soundtrack to a particular era in my life. 
So I CAN NOT wait for new music from JT.

Hot Stuff

I love the start of summer, when the nights get longer and all you need is a 
light cardi for when the temperature starts to drop.

What I don't love is the middle of summer. Once the mercury hits 35+, 
I'm like confused bear wanting to hibernate in the wrong season.

Being a red head, with English blood running through my veins, the sun and I have never really been friends. As I get older my tolerance for the heat is almost non existant. 

I love a list. So to stop from wasting the day I made myself a list as soon as 
I got up this morning and lookey here, with this simple blog post I've 
already crossed something from my list.

On the cards for this afternoon is some blog ready - 
I'll definitley playing catch up with a few of my favourites

Top of the list is always

The inspiring and beautiful Belinda -
who I'm so excited to be meeting face to face in May

and this combination is why I will have the pleasure of spending time with Belinda
as I have booked a workshop with these two. BEYOND excited!!!

 I'll check up on one of my dearest friends

from there I'll probably lose more time than expected on pinterest as I attempt to complete something else from my To Do list by starting my birthday wishlist

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy New Year

Oh Mr. Brand I couldn't agree with you more.
Everyday is a new day. 
I do sometimes question why we need the end of a calender to make a change. 

I do like the concept of  new beginnings though.
A fresh start is exactly what I've needed as I was glad to see the 
December calender ripped from the wall.
Like most people I was super busy. 
I felt like I'd been thrown here, there and everywhere,
Between work, play and life, I of course got sick somewhere in the middle 
because I didn't slot in any down time for myself. 

So now it's January and while there are still work, play and life 
commitments, the urgency has somewhat passed.

I don't really do resolutions for the above mentioned reason, why wait 
until the 1st of Jan to change something today. 
I do like to ponder on the year ahead though.

For the sake of this blog, 2013 is a clean slate.
Will I write more? I'd like to say I will but who knows?
2013 holds alot for me.
I am returning to study,
We are planning and building a new home,
and I will continue to wish the hands of time slowed down as Little Miss attends 
big girl kinder and we get her prepared for school.

So, bring it on 2013.
Let's see what you're made of

I hope you had a great festive season that left your belly filled with food 
and your heart with love.