Monday, February 21, 2011

A letter to Katy

Dear Katy,

I promise I am not trying to steal your husband, but he has visited me while I've been sleeping. Twice now! Surely if I have no control of what goes on in my head it can't be classed as cheating, so please don't come after me to pull my hair.
Sure I do fancy him, but I think you guys are cute together and well let's face it I'm already taken.
Just to show there's no hard feelings I'd love a couple of tickets to your show because I like you too, just not in that way and you know what you're more than welcome to visit Phil in slumber land I won't mind.

Love B xx

P.S. Russell if you're reading this, come back anytime xoxo

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The amazing Alexandrena

Some time ago I mentioned that we booked the amazing Alexandrena Parker to take some photos of our girls. I wasn't able to share the photos at the time because they were Christmas presents. 
All presents have now been given and I wanted to share some of her awesomeness. It was hard to pick just a couple to share here, let alone pick the ones we chose to enlarge for our parents. I think you'll understand why.


How awesome are they!!! 
Check out for more of her dreaminess.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Point & shoot & shoot & shoot & shoot

This weeks point and shoot is jam packed with shots from the Yarraville Arts Festival

So much fun with lots of our favourite things.

Lots of dogs -  I wish I'd got some pics from the dog fashion parade but I spent most of it holding Sadie above my head so she could see. 
There was a whippet dressed as Katy Perry from the California Girls video clip.

Face painting - check out how good Sadie's face is, we could hardly walk a few steps without comments. 4 bucks well spent!

Balloons - apologies to anyone around Maribrynong that found stray balloons in their yard.

Yarraville Market - Again filled with so many creative types that not only inspire me but leave me with empty pockets!

Music - the kids were dancing in the street and bopping around. Thankfully the weather was amazing so the vibe was awesome.

Gozleme, sweet corn, hot chips and ice cream YUM

and a very handsome fireman topped off a fun day

Although I'm not sure how happy I am about my 2 year old thinking she can run off with a fireman, no matter how handsome he is...

Moving to Yarraville was such a great idea. There is always something to do and I'm so happy that Sadie gets to grow up in such a great community.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


It's a sad fact that the majority of celebrity weddings lead to celebrity divorces, but sometimes you think (well I think) this looks like the real deal.

Just like when Reese and Ryan split I was a little sad when I read that Ashlee Simpson has just filed for divorce. I liked these two together.

Oh well....

Guilty Pleasures

How good is this season of Gossip Girl!!!

and just because...

Monday, February 7, 2011

Point & Shoot : Cheap thrills

The fool who coined the term money can't buy happiness  obviously never had spare change and a two year old?

FYI - Bullseye enjoyed the ride too!

Haven't played Point & Shoot in while. Lovin having my computer back!!

Hope your Mondays a good one xoxo

Friday, February 4, 2011

Does birth-day = special day?

And just like that another birthday come and gone.

While my birthday was spent with my nearest and dearest it lacked a bit of magic. 
Is there a certain point (age) where you're supposed to stop being excited about your birthday?

I think I am in the midst of a mid thirties crisis. 

What do I want to do/be when I grew up probably should have been 
answered quite a few years ago but I still ask myself everyday.

I think there is a change coming in the wind for me this year. 
I can almost feel my way of looking at things is changing. 

So in saying that instead of complaining about the lack of magic, I'm going to tell you that I spent my day with loved ones,some time out at the hairdressers, a delicious dinner and some ace presents which included


How good are the backgrounds of these photos, I was obviously oblivious to the bunny ears I was getting before I blew out my candles and Sadie loves photobooth so much, she is happy to sit in front of the computer and talk to herself for ages. Fun fun