Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Victory for a dreamer

I noticed a bit of banter on Twitter and in forums over the past few days about the validity of Cadel Evan's hero status after his legendary win at (in?) the Tour De France.

While I agree that a lot of sporting personalities are put  on a pedestal because of their skills rather than their substance, I think Cadel has the goods.

I won't lie, I don't know if he has done any philanthropic work but - 

He had a dream
He worked hard
Gained strength from his set backs
He believed
and his dream came true

I care very little for the sport but I have so much admiration for this man and because of that we should try to fit a little bit of yellow into our lives and celebrate dreams coming true!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Point and shoot: Unreal wheels

After being stuck indoors for a few days while the little big girl and I were both sick, I was happy to down a cup of concrete to harden the eff up and leave my pity party at home.

We had brought tickets weeks earlier to the sold out Victorian All Stars vs Texas 
Roller Derby and I didn't want to miss it.

I only made it to half time, standing holding a fidgety toddler wasn't my ideal, but it was awesome and I may have added a pair of skates to my "when I get back" wish list.

(How I wish I could still fit into, and find the ones I had as a teenager. Fresh clean white with red trimmings and a buckle, they were HOT HOT HOT!!!).

I think in the meantime we will start a juniour team of our own.

Now I just need to invest in a few bags of cotton wool to wrap them in

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My tears dry on their own

Dear Amy

I hope you are somewhere where your demons are not and your troubles have passed.

So wish there was more.

I remember the first time I heard "Frank" thinking this chick has "it",
and I will now remember the moment I heard that your demons had beat you.

Thank you for being a trailblazer

Thank you for my Sunday morning soundtracks

Rest in Peace

Russell Brand wrote an insightful and beautiful tribute, that made me shed a few tears read here

Friday, July 22, 2011


Today was one of those days where time just seemed to fly.
Around lunchtime I thought homemade pizza would be a great option for dinner.
As I sat down for my afternoon coffee I remembered I had thrown out the remainder of the expired yeast a few days earlier.

Luck would have it that Kidspot had posted a fab link on face book for a

1 cup of SR flour
1 cup Greek or natural yoghurt
(seriously that is it!!!)

I was a little apprehensive and wondered if we would end up having toasties for dinner but thankfully threw caution to the wind and prepared the dough.

While I sliced some veggies my little big girl kneaded the dough,

and in less time than it would take to get one delivered, we had yummy fresh 
homemade pizza, and this was quite possibly the best dough I've ever made.

I wish I had taken some after photos, but the it was all gone before the thought 
even crossed my mind. 

On a side note I only used half cup of yoghurt to a cup of  SR flour and it was perfect.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Quirky and Quaint Check it out

I have lots of clever and creative friends and one of them is starting a new adventure that I wanted to share.

Kylie and I have been friends since school and have been through a lot of highs and 
lows together and I am sure this little venture will sit nicely amongst those highs.
She already runs a successful children's bedroom decor business,
Tiges & Weince and has now added what you might call a travelling roadshow to the mix. 

Head over to for the low down. 

As much as I love visiting the awesome handmade 
markets we have in Melbourne, somedays it just isn't practical, so I love the idea 
of having them brought to my own home. Kylie has sourced some awesome 
products and even though I'm not playing hostess until I return from my trip, 
I may have already pre ordered a couple of things. 

But that's our secret because I am supposed to be saving my cents to turn them into pennies......

Monday, July 18, 2011

Point and Shoot : Last week

We met Sadie's newest cousin Alexis.
(This technically should have been a point and shoot for last week, 
but I guess I never got around to it.)

We joined in as the country went Gaga crazy and got a bit excited 
when my Dad declared his love for her.
I'm not sure why but I often find myself getting a little teary when I think of Gaga, her talent, what she stands for and the fact that she is willing to put her money where her mouth is sometimes a little overwhelming. Yep I'm a sook but I think she's ace.
(If you missed it you MUST watch A Gaga Affair )

This little pocket rocket turned 8
Happy Birthday Abs xoxo

Which gave us an excuse to cook up some delicious treats
(these cakes should come with a warning sticker to pre book your 
dentist before eating, either that or Jenny Craig!!!!)

This little monkey continues to get cuter, cheekier and funnier every single day,

and made me this awesome necklace at "little kinder" because she missed me and they are my favourite colours. Awwwww

Friday, July 8, 2011

Day One

So that's it, with her backpack almost bigger than her, 
I've left my little buddy for her first day of little school.

I could feel the lump forming in my throat as we were getting ready and she asked
"You stay with me today?" I wondered if I'd make it out the door without tears.
Well she was fine, I (just) made it to the car before the waterworks started.

So to cheer myself up I grabbed some mags on the way home to flick through 
while I enjoy finishing a coffee while it's still hot and a red velvet cupcake (or two).

I do have grand plans to get through my TO DO list, teach myself photoshop 
and do a massive toy cull with out the help of little hands.

But today there are floors to be mopped, clothes to be washed and a clock to 
be watched because pick up time hugs are the best!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

School Holidays

Mother nature sure has something against school holidays in Melbourne.

Last week, even though the wind was a little bitter, the sun shone everyday. 
This week the kids are off school and the weather is blah.
With the clouds looking like they are going to open up any minute and a Mr doing 
night works I knew I had to keep them occupied so they didn't turn into screaming banshees 
(boredom - any parents worst nightmare).

A few hours this morning at the indoor pools WIN 
and then fatmumslim's post yesterday for Baked Doughnuts has saved the day.

It's even keep them sitting still watching the dough rise.

So if you need something to keep your kids occupied and you're not afraid 
of carb overload buy some dry yeast from the supermarket.

Did somebody say pizza for dinner!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

a tale of two sisters

One is home alone in bed watching grown up shows with sex and swearing an stuff.

The other is sharing her bed

watching Woo Hoo Ha, otherwise known as Kung Fu Panda, again.

Yep yep sweet dreams peeps

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

The other Kate gets married

At first glance I thought this dress was lovely FULL STOP
BUT check out that hem detail. Holy shit, be still my beating heart

Mr Galliano you might be a twat, but you can a wedding dress like no other.

And here's my former favourite celebrity couple 
Damn you Jude Law for being such a handsome twat!!!!

(guess what the word of the day is around here)