Monday, April 4, 2011

Point and Shoot: A movie date

Friday 2.00p.m. First time at the cinema.

Every time the trailer for "Rango" is on TV Sadie does a little Rango dance, so with 
the Daddy not being at work on Friday arvo off we trotted to the local cinema.

While three toilet breaks was not my idea of fun, having the whole cinema to ourselves 
was awesome and enabled a little two year old to try out a few different seats just to 
get her best viewing position.

We are going to try again in the next week to see Hop, although I expect the cinema 
to be a bit busier and their is nothing more distracting to a child than another child,
 so we'll see how we go.

Point and Shoot has a new home this week so don't think I'm cheating on Fat Mum Slim be sure to head over to Sunny + Scout and check out the worthy new home. 


  1. We love the movies too and Rango was a hit even with my big kids. Glad you enjoyed your first cinema trip!

  2. How lucky is that, dont you just love it when you get the cinema to yourself!

  3. Sounds like fun! I wouldn't mind seeing Rango actually - I'm a sucker for an animated movie! Thanks for joining in!