Monday, April 16, 2012

bye bye holidays

So that's it school holidays done and dusted. 
We watched movies, went swimming and got arty.

Sugar-fest 2012, formally known as Easter, kicked off with an egg hunt at nanny and poppy's.

Doesn't matter how many times you tell people to chill with the eggs, this 3 year old still ended up with enough chocolate for a years supply, luckily the babydaddy has a sweet tooth.

The extra energy from the chocolate came in handy, my little daredevil 
wrapped up the Easter weekend showing of her steering skills

and made some new friends.

Sometimes it scares me a little at how fearless this kid is.

Will be good to get back to some sort of routine although I have a crazy week ahead, 
which involves baking 100 cupcakes, doing wedding photos (which I'm so bloody 
nervous about), and ummm flying to Brisbane and allowing my inner 14 year old to 
scream to her hearts content. Stay tuned........

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