Tuesday, August 21, 2012



me, me and oh yeah me!!

LISTENING - After the Olympics closing ceremony it's been SPICE GIRLS loud on the stereo, and many a "not impressed" face when I bust out to to Wannabe rap. 
We also have the My Little Pony theme song on high rotation.

EATING sugar free. In a bid to get rid of the sluggish winter blues and try to re-align mind body and soul (and drop a couple of kgs) I've decided to give the Sarah Wilson I Quit Sugar program a go am with the exception of some Adriano Zumbo treats a week ago, I have been sans sugar for three weeks. 

DRINKING water water water

WEARING Hopefully these little babies
Just ordered them in the hope that they don't look hideous on as I'm a little bit in love with them.

FEELING Like I'd rather stay home and get crafty with the kid, or spend the entire day reading the blogs and magazines that I rarely have had time for lately, but there's bills to be paid, so work beckons.........

WEATHER Blah, although the odd couple of hours of sunshine is good for the soul, bring on spring!!!!

WANTING a few extra hours in the day

NEEDING - a holiday. This time last year I was a few weeks away from a European vacation, keep crossing my fingers for a lotto win so we can go again, because S misses the big red buses and I miss, well everything. 
Plans are under way for a possible solo trip to London and Paris next year, if i can get the mother guilt out of the way first.

THINKING - this is a way better way to start blogging again rather than a super boring post about how busy life is BLAH BLAH BLAH

ENJOYING Watching this little being grow into her personality and becoming, well a person

I've written many a post in pen form, filling quiet moments at work, while I wait for 
the kid to finish dancing or swimming lessons, at a red light but then time passes, 
I haven't had time to get paper to screen and the moment no longer feels relevant. 

I even contemplated deleting my blog all together but then I look back on my blog 
and I'm a little sad at all the gaps, so excuse me while I indulge myself with 
random posts as I fill in the gaps and try to remember these past moments.

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