Thursday, August 8, 2013

RIP Dr Patrick

I was prepared, but I wasn't  ready -


I feel like I need a little therapy session so I can move on.

We watch Offspring because we can relate.
Sure we don't all have the ability to put an outfit together like Nina Proudman or are carrying the child of a sexy Dr. but there is something that is relateable for everyone.
Maybe it's the parents in the midst of a mid life crisis, an awkward co-worker, a sibling that's gone off the rails or like me someone  a little neurotic with a vivid imagination.

I'm a big cry baby and have shed many a tear watching Offspring - Billie's battle to have a baby, when Alfie was born and of course the happy tears at the end of last season when we saw Nina and Patrick and the ultrasound.

Last night the tears flowed like never before, well not since Molly Jones closed her eyes a sthe screen faded to black leaving Bredan running through a field in Wandin Valley.

After coming to grips with Patrick's death and going through half a box of tissues I found myself obsessively trawling the twittersphere. 
WOW were people mad "How would you" "How could you" "I'll never watch this show again". There were hundreds  thousands of comments exclaiming this was the worst thing Channel 10 has done. 
What a brave decision the writers of Offspring made to kill Dr Patrick,  right as he and Nina had found happiness, right before he was about to finally discover the joys of parenthood. 

Today was unofficially declared "Be nice to an Offspring fan" day as the majority of a nation spent the day mourning a fictitious character - I couldn't even talk about it with out the lump in my throat returning, but then I found myself getting angry as I turned to social media for some solace and group therapy. What angered me the most as I read through the various comments over social media were the comments like "How cruel, how will Nina cope?" 
I love this show even more because shit like this happens in real life and unfortunatley the very sudden and unexpected loss of a loved one is a tragedy I know all to well. 

Circumstances that we can't plan for happen and we have to keep on keepin on. I loved Offspring before Patrick and I imagine I'll continue to love it even if the perv factor has been dramatically reduced.I'm really curious to see what becomes of Nina Proudman.

I get that a lot of people think it's silly to be so upset about a bloody TV show but  don't care. I invite these characters into my lounge room every week and I feel the need to grieve with my pretend friends and say my final farewells.

So goodbye Patrick. 
Thank you for breaking my heart - putting it back together and then re shattering it into a million tiny pieces and thank you Matthew Le Nevez for the regular Wednesday night date and eye candy. 
You will both be missed.

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