Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Holiday countdown

So this time in exactly three weeks we will be on our way to our first family holiday.

While I'm super excited, I'm more anxious than anything.

What to pack
How will Sadie be on the flight?
How will I cope staying with the in laws for a couple of weeks 
(in a country where I don't speak the language)?
Will London be safe by the time we get there?
and most importantly Will my credit card last?

I guess only time will tell, and in the meantime I will try to find a way to get 
Bach Rescue Remedy into an IV.

I'm still open to any advice for travelling with a toddler, or travel tips in general. It's been so long since I've been on a flight for more than a few hours so I'd be grateful for any tips!!!

Oh and while were at it any ipad app recommendations not only for the kiddo but anything anyone has used that's helpful in general xx


  1. How exciting!
    And daunting!
    I just made the Aus - UK return trip alone with my toddler.
    It wasn't that bad. Really.
    Beg the airline staff for a (free) spare seat somewhere in the mix. It makes ALL the difference.
    Take lots of little 'surprises' for your toddler to open every hour or two.
    Dress said toddler in their pjs and take their sleep 'thing' - regardless of the time you are flying!
    Children's earplugs and a lollipop are very handy during take off & landing.
    Avail of the alcohol onboard - but in moderation!!
    Or do none of the above - you will be just fine.

  2. exciting. safe travels to you. the doodle/drawing apps are always a favourite with my little girl and also the books (barbie, spot the dog, toy story) - they are really interactive.