Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Last Of The Firsts

The weather today was so different to this exact day one year ago.

I don't normally keep track of the weather but I will always remember the cold rainy 
day that ended with a phone call that shook my world and that of my loved ones.

I will always remember the exact spot I was standing in the kitchen as I was dishing 
up a meal I will never make again (the thought of it turns my stomach).

I will always remember wondering why my Dad calls my mobile
 and not my house phone and
I will always remember thinking I heard wrong.

It was the night that the road toll statistics became more than numbers

But we keep on keeping on....

One year on and my heart is still heavy but I like to think that this is what Ronald spends his time doing in some other place while he watches over his beautiful girls.

Miss you fucker

"Do not regret growing older
It's a privilege denied to may"

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