Thursday, September 15, 2011

the last of the shit start (or Part 3)

So about 10 minutes after I burst into tears as soon as I saw P's parents, P arrived with the news that at that point in time the airline actually had no idea where our bags were.  

Remember earlier when I told you about the new bra with the hurty underwire? I was 
almost ready to pull that underwire out to stab someone but what could I do, we headed
to the car park and tried to find the car. I didn't even have the energy to be annoyed as 
we went up and down a few times to locate it. We finally found the car and I breathed a
sigh of relief, just a short drive home and I could finally get some much needed sleep.

Or so I thought.

As we climbed into the backseat with P and I either side of Sadie we were told that 
by law you are not required to wear a seatbelt. I buckled up anyway and I'm glad I did. 
The drivers here are crazy and apparently even though the speed limit on the freeway
is 120, everyone does at least 140!!!!
So for the hour and a half drive (short drive, my arse!!!)  could feel myself drifting in and 
out of sleep, with my arms across Sadie's car seat the whole time, with a false sense of reassurance that if something happened at 140 km/hr my arm alone would save her.

When we finally got to Pombal, I seriously thought about kissing the ground, but knew 
that once I was down I wasn't getting back up. Sadie had fallen asleep in the car so I carried her up the two flights of stairs put her straight to bed and took dibs on the first shower.
All I wanted was clean pj's but because they were possibly still flying over the Indian Ocean, I showered and turned my leggings and tank top inside out and after attempting to eat I headed for bed as I had lost all ability to chew, let alone communicate.

I would love to say I slept for 12 hours and woke up refreshed and revived but the little princess awoke from her slumber at about 4 a.m. 
6 hours sleep was better than nothing, I pulled out the ipad  and while she watched a movie I dozed a bit longer, I finally got up still weary but I knew that it was all up from here.

I had a (free) room with a view, a fridge full of food, clean undies and a purse full of Euro's 
that I could buy new clothes and toiletries with. 

Time to forget about the more than forgettable trip over, I was finally in Portugal.
I had no concept of what time or day it was but I was ready for some proper Portuguese food, 
shopping and sight-seeing. Any problems had to now solve themselves because I was officially 
on HOLIDAYS!!!!!


 (Incidentally our luggage tuned up 24 hours after we did!)


  1. What an adventure (that's the polite term!!)
    Happy holidays!!!!!
    Up and up and up.

  2. I'm glad you have your luggage now :) Have a great time!!

  3. wow just read your 3 part post on getting there - boy you were brave to head os with a little one the 3hr flight to QLD was enogh for me :) Looking forward to seeing some snaps