Wednesday, March 21, 2012

K25 A walk down memory lane

Using a hairbrush microphone and dancing The Locomotion in the mirror

Wishing I was singing Especially For You wrapped in Jason Donovan's embrace
(oh yes i just publicly admitted that!)

Camping out for concert tickets

Having plenty of time,while waiting in line for hours to meet the lady and get my book signed, to think of something memorable to say to her and blubbering "your so beautiful" (genius!)

Walking the streets of Chelsea while living in London in the hopes that I would 
casually bump into her (and imagining we would become life long friends based on the fact that we were both Melbournians).

Taking my niece to her first (second and third) Kylie concerts

Crying at her triumphant  Showgirl Homecoming tour after the cancer battle

Feeling like my boobs may explode because I'd left a six week old baby 
at home to go to the KylieX2008 show.

Oh the list goes on, sure they may not be defining life moments but Miss Kylie Minogue has been a constant in my life, even when it wasn't cool to be a fan.

Never have I been so excited to stand in a smelly back alley as I was 
on Sunday as I waited for Kylie's Anti Tour. 

No dancers, no costume changes and no hits. It was B-sides and rarities and it was BRILLIANT!!

I can't wait to see what else she has in store for K25, but the anti-tour sure will be hard to top

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