Monday, September 17, 2012

The Nursery Part 1

Do you ever have those days that you are so inspired you have trouble 
processing a single thought? 
That's me right now, I'm almost so overcome with inspiration I could vomit glitter.

I feel like I could talk about the following event forever and a day, 
so I'm going to split this into  2, even if just to stop me from babbling on.

Some time ago I read this blog post at The Beetle Shack which lead me here .
This was the day I started following TIm Coulson. 

His photos we like nothing I'd ever seen before. 
He took the ordinary and made it beautiful.
He has the ability to capture more than a moment, a feeling and
I felt like I was looking through a window rather than a computer screen when i look at his work.

 I'd be lying if I said I'd never shed a tear as I looked at his wedding section and I remember the water works when 
he shared the birth of his beautiful son Roo earlier this year.
(have your tissues ready - you'll thank me for it).

I have a shoot with TIm high up on my wish list for when we have our new house 
(more of that at a later date - bloody superstitious me!!!).

When I read that he was running workshops  I was beside myself, and was busy plotting a solo weekend 
in Sydney when my inbox lit up with the news that "The Nursery" workshops were coming to Melbourne.

I booked my place and counted down the days.
I had a bit of a rough week and thought I may have had  to reschedule, 
but as they say "life goes on" and I was so looking forward to this

I follow Tim and his GORGEOUS wife Kesh via their blogs and instagram and as I knocked on the front door, 
had to remind myself that I was a total stranger to these guys and to try not to babble on and make an idiot of myself. 
I felt like bit of a stalker.

Within a split second of Tim opening the door, I went from being completely 
star struck to feeling at ease, as Tim welcomed me into his world.

I tried not to babble on, as I tend to do when I'm nervous and surrounded by strangers, during the introductions, I just wanted to absorb.

Kesh actually introduced Tim and even watching these two interact was magical.
There's something special there, these guys are the REAL deal.

Introductions done and we were ready to listen to the master and learn I did.

to be continued........

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