Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bye Nan

Dorothy Annie Merle Andrewartha
23rd April 1923 - 13 September 2012
Mum to 8, Grandmother to 21 Great Grandmother to 35 and 
a great, great grandchild on the way

late night crumpets cooked under the grill with REAL butter,
kitchen table craft sessions,
sunday lunches at Mum and Dad's,
being told off for "ruining" my beautiful hair every time I changed it's colour,
Coles cafeteria on Bourke St,
telling stories on the front swing,
potato cakes, Tip Top multi grain bread and empty lolly wrappers in the side of the couch.

1976 - with me                       2008 - with my baby

Thank you for teaching me the importance of being able to laugh at yourself,

Nan, I'll miss you more than words can say.
Give Pa a big kiss for me

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