Friday, January 11, 2013

Hot Stuff

I love the start of summer, when the nights get longer and all you need is a 
light cardi for when the temperature starts to drop.

What I don't love is the middle of summer. Once the mercury hits 35+, 
I'm like confused bear wanting to hibernate in the wrong season.

Being a red head, with English blood running through my veins, the sun and I have never really been friends. As I get older my tolerance for the heat is almost non existant. 

I love a list. So to stop from wasting the day I made myself a list as soon as 
I got up this morning and lookey here, with this simple blog post I've 
already crossed something from my list.

On the cards for this afternoon is some blog ready - 
I'll definitley playing catch up with a few of my favourites

Top of the list is always

The inspiring and beautiful Belinda -
who I'm so excited to be meeting face to face in May

and this combination is why I will have the pleasure of spending time with Belinda
as I have booked a workshop with these two. BEYOND excited!!!

 I'll check up on one of my dearest friends

from there I'll probably lose more time than expected on pinterest as I attempt to complete something else from my To Do list by starting my birthday wishlist

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