Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wish list

Apparently I am super hard to buy for but there is always something ridiculous I'm coverting.
I know I'm cutting it fine, but apparently some peeps are aiting for this.

There are plenty things that my heart desires - a new camera and the much dreamt about Chanel handbag but I thought I'd share a more realistic wishlist.

It's huge, impractical, beautiful and slightly ridiculous. 
So it's perfect for me!!!!
I freakin love it, I can't tell you how much I love this giant inflatable swan
It's as practical as plastic backyard flaimingos, but I love them too.

There's plenty of room on my arm for this bangle and this ring would TOTALLY rock my world. A girl can never have too much McQueen

I've been trying to track down a copy of this movie for years.

I'm loving these LOVESTAR vases SOOOO much. 

I have a thing for clear acrylic but the fluro pink........

Then of course these always room in my bookshelves for some new additions from my ever growing book depository wishlist.


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  1. I have ordered yours already & have secretly passed this info for Renee to cross check with others. Thank heavens for the Veruca Salt wish list, greedy want want goblin she is hahahahaha Daniel is quite impressed with that & has asked me to follow suit in the future :)