Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Last week I packed my bags and headed to Sydney.

On my own!

It was strange. I had been excited about some time alone, I planned 
to do some reading, watch a movie and enjoy a night with a whole bed to myself.
All this before spending ahighly anticipated day with The Creatives.

The reality was a little different than I had anticipated. 
I missed my little family, I left my chargers at home, which crossed the 
blog lovin and movie watching off the list and I didn't sleep very well.
I saw every hour on the bedside clock. I think it was a mix of anxiety and excitement.

After a restless night I got up before 6 and in a bid to erase the night before
I started the day with a little meditation. Then everything fell into place.

Like writing and blogging, meditation is something I am trying to fit in more of. 
Great start to the day. I then went for a morning walk through Manly to find a florist.
I started along the wharf, grabbed a coffee stop and after a couple of wrong
 turns ended along the beach, flowers in hand.
All before 8 a.m. 

I was ready for my adventure. 

After attending The Nursery with Tim last year I had super high expectations.
I can't even begin to articulate how amazing the day was.
Knowledge, yoga, tears, food for our bellies and food for the soul.
Beautiful people and sacred moments, two people leading the day
openly and honestly.
I didn't want it to end.

Loved turning online friends into real life friends

Manly I think i have a big fat crush on you

THE man, doing his thing and his beautiful family.

And a parting gift.
Like the nursery I left with so much more than knowledge.
A million thank you's.  To Tim and Jodi for all that they shared, to the beautiful Belinda who was more than an added bonus to finally meet. To the other gorgeous woman that I got to share the day with. You are all amazing.

And a big thank you to my mummy for getting my baby to kinder in time for story time.
You're the best xx.


  1. It was fabulous to meet you in person. I never wanted the flowers you purchased me to die. I can't wait to see you again. Enormous love x