Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Wild

I had to share a recent find that I AM IN LOVE with 

I love how a photo can sum up a personality.

Here's a favourite shot of mine that I guess was inspired my You Are My Wild.

She really is my wild.

Next week I have a workshop booked in that I am super excited about.
I treated myself to The Creatives workshop for Christmas.
I attended The Nusery workshop ran by the wonderful Tim Coulson and didn't hesitate 
for a minute to book this. I thought I'd worry about the logistics later.

Not knowing the layout of Sydney I niavely thought I'd fly in on a super early flight and out again that night, but after working out getting from one side of Sydney to the other would be too stressful, I decided to treat myself to a night away. Trying to stay within budget and avoiding a shared bathroom was harder than expected but with a little research I have a place to lay my head free wifi and a whole bed to myself, fancy that!!!

I  need to devote more time to my creative side. I love taking photos but am always beating myself up with my lack of editing skills. The same goes for writing so I'm hoping this day can open my mind to turn those random scribbles into cohesive sentences, that not only make sense (always a bonus) but are entertaining as well.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous, but my nerves are overshadowed by the thought of the adventure and the added excitement of meeting an online friend in real life -
and who knows maybe this little old blog of mine won't be so neglected...........

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