Tuesday, January 7, 2014

13 into 14

Looking back I almost feel like 2013 is a write off.

It wasn't all bad, but to be honest it didn't pan out as I had planned.

It was supposed to be the year I pathed my "career" out, 
It was supposed to be the year we started building our beautiful home, 
it was supposed to be the year I threw self doubt out the window.

2013 wasn't all bad, I just lost my way a little. 

The "career" part is on hold while priority number one is to get my 
little/big girl easing into school transition. 
Gulp, I can't believe my baby starts school this year!
She is super eager to jump right on in because she wants to be able to "read properly".
The only first day tears will surely be mine.

Our house. My fingers are so intertwined from crossing them it's not funny.
Unexpected delays and waiting for people to dot the i's and cross the t's was not in my plans, but I know that with this (hopefully) final report we are waiting on it will soon be underway.
There's sure to be many a post on the progress, so stay tuned.

And the deal breaker - self doubt. That's something I'm working on and I'm armed with resources (many too many). 2014 will be about focus, I am constantly filled with great ideas but lack the follow through because I lack focus and clarity and that little voice of self doubt takes over. This year I'm working on me and silencing that voice of self doubt.

So 2014 not so much a new beginning but a fresh start.
Let's rock this!

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