Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mojito Magic

If you've managed to avoid all the dashboard temperature photos across social media, you may not be aware that summer finally arrived in Melbourne.

The heat was hard to avoid, and being a freckle faced redhead, 
I'm not a huge fan of ongoing scorchers. 
In fact these 40+ degree days I prefer to hibernate.

I do however enjoy a nice cold bevvie on a warm day.

Right now it's all about the Mojito. Especially Passionfruit Mojitos.
So much so that I've even made myself a little Mojito station.

We have no plans on setting up a bar in the new house but I'm starting to 
think about extending my station into a small drinks/cocktail cart. 
I'm still in two minds about it though, so I thought I'd start gathering some ideas. 
Gosh I love pinterest!

It will involve a splash of hot pink and definitely a touch a glitter. 
I love the addition of fresh flowers and the bar/magazine stand 
combo caught my eye as well.
So many ideas.
I'm also loving this Mojito recipe poster 

from Down That Little Lane 

Then the only problem I have is keeping it well stocked!!!!

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