Friday, January 22, 2010

A break from your normal programming

 know I complain, a lot, about my current living situation. I want open living, a yard with shade that Sadie can play in without having to worry about dog poo, single story. It's what I want. 
In saying that I know how lucky and fortunate I am to have the house that we live in. A house with electricity, heating and cooling. A house with running water.
My heart aches when I watch the news and see what the people of Haiti are dealing with right now. I really can't comprehend the situation and the fact that the small amount of doctors and nurses are still having to use a triage system to treat the sick, injured and dying is beyond me. It's 2010. And up to a million children left orphaned. Heartbreaking. 
I came across this awesome project (via that Double Take Clothing have started. I'm not going to preach but if you're after a new tshirt, even if it's just for the gym, these are pretty cool in my eyes.

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