Saturday, January 23, 2010


So darling boyfriend if you have managed to miss any wish list posts you may be cutting it fine for UPS to deliver on time for my birthday.
In the eloquent words of Miss Lily Allen
" I want loads of clothes and fuck loads of diamonds"
Only a VERY brave man would attempt to buy me clothes and diamonds well if you win lotto on the weekend BLING BLING! In the meantime this should point you in the right direction. Or this or even this

Your mantra could be "Marc Jacobs makes a girl happy" 
(running low on Daisy too)
Am kind of obsessed with cameras right now, not sure which I would like more out of the Holga or Diana but the Fuji Instamax is number 1.
On man now that I have discovered all I want is cameras.....
I'd also love a large (white) ceramic Maneki Neko (approx 25cm)
Oh and you gotta love, all these books are in stock
So lover boy, that should help, no thinking involved best you get to work on your timing!

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