Sunday, March 14, 2010

Putting it out there

Alright so excuse my craziness, but the weirdest thing happened to me last night and has freaked me out a bit. I figure if I put it into words before bedtime I might sleep a bit better tonight.
I don't actually know/remember if I was awake or asleep but I saw the image of Corey Haim flash into my mind and then I felt a heaviness type of pushing against my body. It was like a block of heaviness and I tried to scream but I couldn't get any sound out and I couldn't move my body. I am pretty sure my eyes were open at this point too. Eventually I got some sound out, I am kind of thinking that possibly I was asleep and woke myself by screaming, Phil said he heard me crying as well. As soon as I was "awake" the pushing stopped but I was spooked, to say the least.  I tossed and turned for the rest of the night and today have felt BLAH all day.
So now that I've got that out, I have my fingers crossed for sweet peaceful dreams......


  1. Ok. This has happened to me twice.

    Let me explain a little before you think I too am crazy. Both times it happened in places that I don't usually sleep. Once was at work {as a Nanny with the baby sleeping beside me}, and another was at a friends house.

    I woke, and was paralysed. I couldn't move. Couldn't yell. I was looking around the room and was seeing things in these new places and noticing them... so knew I was awake... because when I eventually woke up those things were still there {cobwebs, marks on the walls etc}.

    I could see the baby beside me, and was trying to scream but nothing was coming out. At my friends house I was alone. I was trying to move and yell out for help, but couldn't.

    It was the most horrible experience... and I had no idea what was going on.

    Both times I eventually went back to sleep, only to wake a short while later and be normal.

    I was so scared... and worried. It felt like I was dead. I tried to find out what was happening... and eventually emailed someone about it.

    It turns out it is very normal and it is a sort of paralysis where you're awake, but part asleep.

    It's been about 8 years since it happened and I hope it never does again.

    We can be weird together! x

  2. Wow that is scary! Sweet dreams for tonight.

  3. Chantelle, thanks so much for the message. I'm still a bit freaked and made it worse for myself by reading dream interpretations online and reading about spirits and demons. I end up spooking myself, it's crazy.
    Thanks Leesa, the last two nights have been fine, although if I could turn of my mind I would probably sleep better.