Friday, February 4, 2011

Does birth-day = special day?

And just like that another birthday come and gone.

While my birthday was spent with my nearest and dearest it lacked a bit of magic. 
Is there a certain point (age) where you're supposed to stop being excited about your birthday?

I think I am in the midst of a mid thirties crisis. 

What do I want to do/be when I grew up probably should have been 
answered quite a few years ago but I still ask myself everyday.

I think there is a change coming in the wind for me this year. 
I can almost feel my way of looking at things is changing. 

So in saying that instead of complaining about the lack of magic, I'm going to tell you that I spent my day with loved ones,some time out at the hairdressers, a delicious dinner and some ace presents which included


How good are the backgrounds of these photos, I was obviously oblivious to the bunny ears I was getting before I blew out my candles and Sadie loves photobooth so much, she is happy to sit in front of the computer and talk to herself for ages. Fun fun

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  1. Ok, so i know now that next year for your birthday i'll be hiring a magician...just so you can have some magic!!!!!