Monday, February 14, 2011

Point & shoot & shoot & shoot & shoot

This weeks point and shoot is jam packed with shots from the Yarraville Arts Festival

So much fun with lots of our favourite things.

Lots of dogs -  I wish I'd got some pics from the dog fashion parade but I spent most of it holding Sadie above my head so she could see. 
There was a whippet dressed as Katy Perry from the California Girls video clip.

Face painting - check out how good Sadie's face is, we could hardly walk a few steps without comments. 4 bucks well spent!

Balloons - apologies to anyone around Maribrynong that found stray balloons in their yard.

Yarraville Market - Again filled with so many creative types that not only inspire me but leave me with empty pockets!

Music - the kids were dancing in the street and bopping around. Thankfully the weather was amazing so the vibe was awesome.

Gozleme, sweet corn, hot chips and ice cream YUM

and a very handsome fireman topped off a fun day

Although I'm not sure how happy I am about my 2 year old thinking she can run off with a fireman, no matter how handsome he is...

Moving to Yarraville was such a great idea. There is always something to do and I'm so happy that Sadie gets to grow up in such a great community.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! And a whippet dressed as Katy Perry??!! Hilarious!!!

  2. : ) What a wonderful weekend you had.
    I ADORE the face painting. So pretty!
    I was hoping I could run off with a fireman one day : )

  3. Just goes to prove no female can resist a man in uniform .... especially a fireman!

  4. I love the Yarraville festival - it's always SO much fun ... this year was the first time I missed it in 5 years. Love the face painting!

  5. I wish my children would have their faces painted but they just hate the feeling of it on their cheeks! Sounds like you had a lovely time. Visiting from FMS' point and shoot.

  6. Wow... that's one of the best face painting I've EVER seen!

    I couldn't stand having my face painted. Lacey's had it a few times... and it's always so cute. x

  7. Fun! What amazing face painting!

  8. Face painting looks like fun. And a whippet dressed as Katy Parry - hilarious!