Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pick A Day

So today is Pancake Tuesday, officially known as Shrove Tuesday, and also International Women's Day. I was up too late to make pancakes and today was a work day so that was out.
I choose to celebrate International Women's Day instead, which involved my sis and I both wagging work and going on a date. How's that for liberating. 

We had both had a tough couple of days and Sadie would have been with her nanny and poppy regardless so there was no time like the present!

Watched: No Strings Attached - cute, didn't require too much concentration - perfect

I gotta say i doubt there will be a time that he'll be borrowing Natalie Portman's Oscar duster, but all the same Ashton Kutcher is pretty adorable

Ate: Rice Paper Rolls - I really have to start making these at home, I'm sure they're much easier than sushi. I vow here and now that I will make these at home in the next week!

Brought: MAC Viva Glam Gaga 2 Lipglass  100% of my purchase going to the MAC AIDS fund so that is surely a guilt free purchase and my contribution to the movement.

Realised: That I probably spend the same amount of money that i probably would have earned had I gone to work, but you know what, SHIT HAPPENS xoxo

So lovely people I wish you a happy International Women's Day and if you didn't get the chance to do it today, take the time to celebrate tomorrow. Hey why don't you even pull a sickie and treat yourself to a day out. And if you get stuck tell 'em you did it on Dr. Bel's orders!

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  1. Wagging ... love it - and what a lot of cool things you did. And seriously how hot is Ashton!!