Monday, March 28, 2011

Point & Shoot

My sis is a big Pearl Jam fan, so when the lead singer Eddie Vedder announced a solo show I knew I had little choice but to be her date (suppose that's my payback for taking her to Madonna all those years ago!), and I lve me a man that can captive a whole room on his own.

So I charged camera and hide it in a make up purse, I'm always paranoid it will get taken by security, and headed down to the beautiful Palais Theatre (one of my fav venues). 
Being a member of the Pearl Jam TEN club my sis got to purchase her tickets before the general public, but the only thing was she didn't know her seating allocation until she picked up her tickets. This alone caused a small amount of anxiety (and there's the understatement of the year).
I am not telling a lie by saying she was shaking as she opened the envelope with her name on it and found these -


 We made our way down to our seats, still not quite believing that she had scored such ace tickets.
The only disappointment was the ushered had told us no photos recording devices etc, normally I would still try to take a couple of sneaky photos, but being right in front of the artist in such a small venue and a security guard less than a metre from you, well it was a little intimidating and I wasn't going to chance getting kicked out.
Until the second encore at least.....

Sorry Eddie but I had to do it!

Oh and did I mention as the guitar tech was setting up I caught his eye and he threw me a pick


So I apologise if my point and shoot is a bit of gloating this week, but I was so excited for my sis that I had to share, and it was either this or photos of the polystyrene Sadie entertained herself with while I attempted to put a bookshelf together and cleaning it up was painful enough.


  1. I saw him in Brissy last week and I'm not lying when I said it was the highlight of my little life so far...ammmaaazzzzzing! And I snuck photos too!!!


  2. Row A thats awesome AND you scored the pick double awesome! Eddy is an idol, always has been always will be :)

  3. Gloat away. That's brilliant! What a night! xx

  4. Best night everrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! I would have been quite upset if you hadn't mentioned our night with Ed...oh Eddie xoxoxox