Monday, March 14, 2011

Point and Shoot: Da DA Da DAaaaa

For point and shoot this week I wanted to share this beautiful union I witnessed on Saturday.

I really could use every cliche in the book for these guys, but honestly they really were made for each. They totally adore each other and you could hear the collective sigh as they sat down before their vows and he took her arm and kissed her hand as they were whispering into each others ears. 
Definitely a case of the princess marrying her Prince Charming.

I managed to steal the bride away from her dotting husband for more than three seconds, just.
And you couldn't wipe that smile of her face, as despite a small hiccup in the morning everything had gone to plan.
Sometimes fairytales do come true.


  1. Ohhh.... wishing them a lifetime of happiness. xx

  2. Hi popping over from P&S
    They look like a fairytale couple too, gorgeous photo x

  3. I guess fairy tales do happen to people.
    And some how I always cry at weddings because it's just too beautiful not to.