Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Nursery Part 2

Introductions aside, it was time to learn.

And learn we did. 
If you want to get your camera off auto, jump at any chance you get to 
go to  The Nursery when it's around your way.

I can't even think of a word that measure's the knowledge and inspiration I gained, and about more than just photography. 

I feel like I learnt some life lessons that will stick.

Tim said "I believe in love" and it wasn't some cheesy line. 
You can hear it in his voice when he talks about photography, you can feel it in his photos and 
you can see it in his eyes when his wife and son are in the room.

After bestowing his knowledge upon us, we had a scrumptious lunch.
Big thanks to the lovely Kirsty who slaved away in the kitchen and graciously 
opened her home to us.
Then it was action time.

We watched Tim as he did his thing, then it was our turn.
Tim's little sister was a real trouper as we all took turns to take her photo.
Thanks Rachel, you're a legend.

My only regret from the day is that i didn't take enough photos, I was too busy observing.

But I'm going to take the best advice i've heard in a long time - that it takes 1000's of photos over 100's of days. 

Oh if only he could have taught  me the art of patience!!
I'm now plotting my disguise so I can do it all over again

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