Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Last week the little lady and her dad were in a little backyard accident where the quad 
bike they were riding together
 was brought to a halt by a brick wall.

This could easily have been a long whining post about how after spending over 4 hours in hospital, 
Sadie was sent home after being told she had a few bruises that would heal and her dad with 2 broken bones 
and a plaster job that Sadie could have done.

This could also be an angry post about how three days later that hospital called and told us after review 
the senior radiologist discovered that Sadie in fact had a fractured wrist and needed to be in plaster.
I could also go on about how we waited over 5 hours at a hospital closer to home to find that the original hospital 
hadn't forwarded her file or x-rays so she had to be x-rayed again.

Instead this is a post about how much I admire that little pocket rocket I gave birth to.
Not once at either dragged out hospital wait did she complain. 

Oblivious to arrogant people demanding to see Dr's for a scratch and 
whiny toy snatching kids she happily watched movies until the 
ipad battery ran out, 
munching on a bag of Twisties and being pretty proud that she managed to score herself a new My Little Pony.

The sling didn't even last a day as it was too restricting


The kinder teachers were kept on their toes, because apparently 
"she can still fly!!"

And while I felt like I'd hardly slept a wink for the whole week and her Dad 
spent most of his time moaning and groaning, 
there was no interruption to this little ladies routine

I am grateful that she only has a minor injury that will heal quickly.
I am grateful for her calm and caring nature.
And I am grateful for her inspiring ability to just get on with it.

Oh I love her so my heart could burst.

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