Saturday, February 23, 2013

Happy Birthday to me

Birthdays are a funny thing.

It seems that as the years creep up, many people see the day of 
their birth as just another day.

Not me, no siree. 

It's time to celebrate, let loose, break rules, be treated like a princess 
and not feel guilty for eating a whole packet of peanut m&m's.

I'm not talking a tick-e-tate parade, but I love a bit of fanfare.

Knowing that I am surrounded by a majority that are of the "just another day" 
belief I decided to leave an open letter to my family.

I had already published a wish list, to make people's lives easier.
My theory has always been if someone s going to be spending their hard earned 
dollars, I would rather 20 bucks spent on something I want rather than 
$100 wasted on something random.

So this is what I left on the bench.

I was mocked for it, but it left little room for disappointed. I thought.
When it comes to birthdays I am the planner and the baker in my family, I figured this could help make my day "my day".

I often wonder where the line of high maintenance is.
Am I contradicting myself leaving a note so my expectations can be met, 
thinking it makes life easier or am I high maintenance?
Oh well I'll ponder that another day.

The point of my letter was proven though when late in the afternoon I caught 
the Mr paying a lot of atttention to his phone.
I asked if he had a new app. or if he was playing a game, to which he replied 
"No" but didn't elaborate. "Are you texting" I asked. With the speeding Yes that I got in reply I figured he was up to something.

After a little while he admitted that no one had organised a cake and he had been trying to work something out to no avail.
I wanted to be shitty I really did, but I decided it was my birthday and 
I wasn't going to ruin my day by putting myself in a bad mood.

So despite the little hiccup,the day was great.

 I spent time with my nearest and dearest, got to tick lots of things off my wish list and my day went according to plan, with an added mercy dash to Brunetti's.

I'd love to know if there's others out there who want to be showered in glitter on their birthday, because I certainly feel like I'm in the minority on this


  1. Happy Birthday!
    Im with you on making a fuss and in fact claim a Birthday week! A day is never enough :D
    Great idea to write a list of what you'd like, that way there's no room for dissapointment, I might have to try that myself this year.

    1. Hey Michelle
      You totally should.
      I was originally mocked for doing this but now I get angry texts if I don't have a wish list up by the start of Jan.
      One of my girlfriends husbands recently told his wife to follow suit to make his life easier.
      I think it's a win-win situation either way. Start now, make a pinterest board, publish a list or just start circling this in magazines. I promise you will be thanked for it