Monday, April 22, 2013


Dear April,
WOW, you kind of came out of nowhere.
Is it just me or has one third of 2013 just zoomed by. 

It feels like only a couple of weeks ago that I started writing a post about becoming a uni student. Started I say, i never quite back to it and that was in February. 
So there have been lots of changes around here and as we start term 2 of the school year I feel like I'm only just starting to adjust now and working through the koas circulating my brain. This year my plate is full and so far 2013 has turned out to be chocka block!

The little lady started "big kid" kinder, while continually asking "When can I go to school?" and "Can we drive past school today?". It excites me and freaks me out equally. 

I love that she is so eager to learn and experience new things and hopefully it will be an easy transition to starting school, for her at least. I'm still struggling to think my baby is off to school, but enough of that talk today. I don't have any tissues within reach. (Not joking!!!)

Student life has been another huge adjustment and a source of lots of frustration. The study part is easy although not as stimulating as I had hoped. Dealing with the lack of organisation within the system has me pulling my hair out. Obviously government funding cuts have a lot to do with this but I fel like I could teach a few lessons in organisation and management. 

It's also taken a lot for me to adjust to working weekends. It's very quiet in the city on sunday mornings and I have a little mantra "It's only for  a few more months" that I play over in my head as I'm unlocking the doors when I'd rather be enjoying a lazy Sunday breakfast.

The icing on the full plate is we are currenty in the midst of finalising our plans to start building our new home. Again while that is SUPER exciting, another source of frustration as we are totally in the hands of council and the elements, and I won't even start the talk of budgets (BORING).

I feel like when my brain gets too full I turn to my blog in attempt to empty it a little. Maybe even some light relief. That usually happens for a week before it all gets too much again.

As I try to schedule catch ups with my friends I realise that life is just getting busier and busier for everyone. How did this happen, it doesn't feel like that long ago I could spend a few hours watching a Kardashians marathon. So while I do crave a little of nothingness there's a lot more excitement on the horizon for 2013 as I continue to perfect my juggling act.
If anyone has any tips on perfecting their juggling act, I'd love to hear them.

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