Sunday, December 20, 2009

End Of The Year

So the year is quickly coming to an end and I can tell you it has been a year of ups and downs, but I'm not in the mood to reflect upon it today. Today I am wondering.
Quite often I have heard my lil' sis say the kids are tired because it's the end of the year. I kind of get the concept, when you are 4, 6 or 10 the majority of your time is spent at school so by the time December arrives, you've had enough of learning and it's time to play and prepare for holidays. So the kids get time off to recharge there batteries and get ready for another year of learning. And I suppose it's the same for most full time workers that get a Christmas break.
But I wonder what is it about tearing the December page from the calender that changes things?
For me working part-time 10 whole hours a week and being mum for the other 158 hours I don't really see that wind down time at the end of the year and to be honest I am wondering how a lot of people find the time to get everything done.
I'm not a single mother but I might as well be, with the baby daddy currently working at least 6 days a week. I find that I have to manage to get everything done with a toddler by my side, or try to do things while keeping her in eye sight.
I feel like I have been trying to organise my house for at least six months but when I sit back and think about it I am chasing my tail and all the "projects" I had imagined I would make for Christmas presents, well maybe next year.
So this year I am going to make some resolutions, and I'll document them here. It will probably end up being a public TO DO list but hey if it's out of my head then maybe I can stop day dreaming about it.

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