Thursday, December 31, 2009

I've never understood when I ask people what they are buying for their partner for Christmas and the reply is "Oh we've decided not to buy for each other this year because blah blah blah (I have usually tuned out at this point). Seriously! Go without a present? I think not. Not my style. And I love to give, I'll always scrimp and save to find a way to give those I love something they will love.
This year I was spoilt rotten (I didn't really want to type rotten but nothing else came to mind).
I was showered with Marc Jacobs love, which is lucky because one of my presents was an MJ umbrella, ella ella eh eh. I am so practical!!!
Sadie now has more toys than she really needs, actually make that more toys than I think she needs. And clothes HOLY MOLEY I think she has enough tops that I wouldn't need to wash for about two weeks and she would still have clean tees. She also received a doll which I have to be honest, scares me a little. I think it's called a Baby Alive and it wee's and poops but the scary thing is it's animated and talks, guess I'll have to learn to like it......
Of course the babydaddy didn't go without. My gift to him was tix to Bris-Vegas. Yeah I know I benefit from that as well but I figured a family holiday would be sweet and hopefully he can turn his phone off for a couple of days and pretend he has no work responsibilities!!! But I guess that is something I can't give.

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