Monday, May 10, 2010

Point & Shoot

We are on the move!!!! In less than two weeks we are moving into the house I really really really wanted. Thank you universe.
Woo Hoo 
I want to shout it from the roof tops, but I don't have time. In the next two weeks in between working and birthdays and hoping that my dear friend has her baby early (to accommodate my needs) and trying to meet another friend's new baby, I need to pack this WHOLE house. Wowza.

So I skipped a lazy mother's day morning and started packing.
I wish I had something prettier to share for my point and shoot but my mother's day present is an I.O.U. that I have to wait a couple of weeks for.

So kiddies for the next couple of weeks you will either get entry overload as I try to use up all the extra borrowed energy I will be living on or there will be tumbleweeds rolling by this blog.

I'm gonna take 5 minutes to check out the other point & shooters, then it's back to newspaper, packing tape and boxes for me


  1. Oh boy. Get back to that packing! Sheesh. Sending you my best wishes! x

  2. Good luck with the big move :)

  3. Thanks chics.
    I have run out of boxes already so painful to have to go buy some. blah