Monday, May 3, 2010

A jam packed Point and shoot

Choosing just one picture for this weeks point & shoot was almost impossible. 
I spent way too long uploading these pics into big huge labs to create this mosaic. I love this site but it is VERY slow to upload.

It certainly was a jam packed weekend around here.

Saturday was Sadie's half birthday, which coincided with the local monthly farmer's market. As a bonus Daddy managed to get out of working for the morning, so we headed down for some Dutch Poffetjes and fresh fruit and vegies. I usually buy the most delicious strawberry jam from this market, but because my brain is so jam packed with forward thinking, I forgot it. BUGGER!

The weather on Saturday was unreal, the morning was really chilly but sunny at the same time. By the afternoon the sun had taken the chill out of the air and it was a lovely day.

After the market we headed to our open inspection. My heart sank as we turned into the street, as the house was surrounded by loads of people. I loved the pictures that I had seen on the real estate site, as soon as I walked into the house it felt right, I want it. (Veruca moment - I WANT IT DADDY AND I WANT IT NOW). So an application has ben handed in and now we just have to wait for a phone call. So an anxious wait it is.

We then headed down to the village in Yarraville for lunch, and I had possibly the best pumpkin and spinach salad ever at the corner store (or is it shop?). 
I also managed to sneak into the Yarraville Market to purchase this photo block from Susannah Tucker. I love her work so much, I already have a collection of her butterfly cards, but I always seem to miss out on the dandelion one every time I see her at markets. Not today though.

Sunday was just as busy, I tried to do as much housework as possible, but the Cyclone Sadie wasn't having it, so I baked a batch of banana  choc chip cupcakes and we headed off to the in-laws for a last minute farewell dinner as they are heading to Portugal tomorrow to tend to Phil's sick grandmother.

Whoah, I just found a second to breathe , I have another FULL week ahead of me, I'm hoping at some stage I can find a spare half hour to check out the debut edition of maeve magazine, but I might just choose that half hour to sleep!

Time to check out what everyone else has done for point and shoot, ooh is that the time, It's actually time to head off to work! 



  1. I think my favourite photo is the one of Phil feeding Sadie...Loving the big ahhhhh from him.
    Regarding the house, fingers, toes, eyes, & have even plaited some hair for you.
    Ky xx

  2. I love the one of Phil feeding Sadie too. They're all great actually. x

  3. Yeah i know, seriously as if this kid needs any assistance eating baby pancakes!!!
    I think he was probably hoping if he kept his mouth open long enough he may have been able to sneak some of ours. While Sadie and I were (slowly) sharing our plate of poffetjes with maple syrup he had devoured his which was covered in chocolate and cream. Oink oink