Monday, May 31, 2010

point and shoot, how I missed you

We're still here and yes there are still boxes to unpack in the hallway. 
The problem, you see, is all the essentials are unpacked and have settled into their new home. I am my own worst enemy as the boxes that are left to unpack I have labelled "BJ's crap to sort". YUCK. I am also realizing the amount of things I have that I really do not need, so bring on spring and car boot sale season!!!!

I've missed point and shoot for the last couple of weeks, I think I have a good enough excuse.
I mean did you really want to see photos like this.

So I thought all the essentials were all unpacked until Saturday evening when Sadie brought something to my attention:

"Sadie did Mummy forget to unpack some paper"


  1. oh dear!! at least it wasn't the walls i guess... love the photo

  2. Oh, I am sorry but had a big laugh at yours {or Sadie's expense}.

    That is so cute, and SO something Lacey would do. x