Monday, September 6, 2010

Point & Shoot: Simple pleasures

Simple pleasures all around for this father's day weekend

  • Sharing red velvet cupcakes with friends and finding new treasures at Yarraville Market
  • Enjoying a  leisurly walk to the local for breakfast (and not having to wait for a table!)

free rides are the best 05/09/10 12.18 pm

  •  The sun peaking out from the clouds in between small showers, a taste of what's to come
  • Not being able to decide if it was Sadie's laugh/giggle from being up so high or if it was the look on P's face everytime she held his hair that little bit tighter that made me laugh more.
  • Spending time with my nearest and dearest as we nurtured our heavy hearts 

And those simple pleasures continue, as I can finally get around to checking out other 
point and shoot entries because I no longer work Mondays, a big YIPEE all round for that!!!!

P.S. How friggin cute is my new point and shoot button!!!!!


  1. Button is very rides are the BEST

  2. oh i Love red velvet Cupcakes!
    great pic x

  3. Your cupcakes rocked man MMMMMM especially the one with the K on it.