Thursday, September 30, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Having a bestie that lives just outside of Daylesford.

For those that are not familiar with Daylesford, it is Victoria's spa and retreat centre, and so stunning. Possibly one of the most beautiful spots in Victoria.

Unfortunately there will be no time for spa treatments but a visit to Lark and the Maker's Market are definitely on the cards. As well as lots of brain storming for a new venture.

Warning : A bit of self advertising 
As I speak of new ventures I'm going to plug myself a little here. To help fund my new venture 
and taking on the challenge of making plastic cool, I am now your friendly neighbourhood Tupperware lady. Yeah I hear ya, like I don't have enough on my plate but my current job is a bit further from home than I would like so I'm needing a bit of flexibility.
So please feel free to contact me if you're up for some fun times.
And to counter balance my cheekiness I will even bring along a batch of cupcakes if you book a party...


  1. I love the Lark shop ... enjoy!!! And I am a big fan of the tupperware lunch boxes so look out I may just be booking you soon. How fun!!

  2. Yes I would love some more of your lemon cupcakes pllleeeaaasssseeeeee!!!! Thank you Miss Tupperware xx

  3. Lark rocks. Daylesford is so beautiful. Rock the Tupperware!

  4. Plastic fantastic rocks!! Looking forward to my party with you as long as the cupcakes keep coming hehehehe