Monday, October 11, 2010

point and shoot : can't keep a secret

Hello Monday, wow you were speedy with your arrival!

I'm super excited to share my point and shoot with you this week.

 A few weeks ago the lovely Chantelle of fatmumslim wrote about a photographer she had discover Alexandrena Parker. I instantly fell in love with her photos and was beside myself when I found out she was a Melbourne girl. 

When Sadie was born I chose to buy a really good camera rather than having professional photos done. It was a decision I haven't regretted but I still liked the idea of seeing her through someone else's eyes. I also knew I didn't want your typical type of posed photo. I have seen some great family shots done in shopping centres etc, but they aren't for me. 

Alex's style was what I wanted so I quickly booked a date with her and tried to keep it a secret. I thought I had Christmas sorted as the session was for my Sadie and my three nieces.
Mum and Dad check, Nan, Aunties, the in-laws done done done. Well I was too excited and blurt out my little secret the day before, but I'm glad I did so I can now share a sneak peek.

After looking at the photos I took on the day, I am eager with anticipation to see what Alex has done

I can't recommend Alex highly enough, I want her to come and live at my house so we can have fairy bread and photo and tea parties everyday.

See more of her work here or here

Oh such cuteness and joy


  1. wow she looks like an amazing photographer! and you girls are gorgeous! please share the pics when you get them, id love to see!

  2. I can't wait to see them B, from the above photo which I assume you took, I am thinking they will be AMAZING!!!