Thursday, October 28, 2010

Super- cala- fraga o you know the rest

As the years roll on I find it increasingly harder to buy imaginative gifts for my parents. 
They want for little, other than good health and a happy life and are constantly telling my sister and I not to trouble ourselves and overspend. All I hear is blah blah blah.

I think I've said it before I'm big on birthdays and Christmas. Presents, wrapping and surprises I love them all. Of course I love presents being given to me but I also get so much joy from giving presents as well. 

This year was easy. My mum and my eldest niece both received tickets to Mary Poppins.
That was also my excuse to purchase a ticket for myself. I mean hey, my company was the biggest present of all! I also told my cousin to buy his mum a ticket as well (bossy aren't I).

So yesterday we jumped on the train, did a little shopping had a bite to eat and headed down to Her Majesty's. 

The lights went down, the band started and I shed a tear. I can't explain why, but when I go to big shows (sometimes even football matches) as soon as the crowd cheers or there is a big musical production the tears start rolling. Most of the time I can hide it in the dark but it's a bit embarrassing, try explaining to you're friends at a Jay Z concert why you are crying. 
Oh well at  least it keeps people entertained!

So Mary - I have to say by the time interval rolled around I was feeling a little disappointed. The last musical I saw ( and shed a load of tears at) was Wicked, so the bench mark has been set high, really high, but Mum was loving it so that was enough for me.
Then the second half started. I was SOLD. The routines were awesome and YAY Matt Lee tapped. I love a good tap set. 

The cast were all amazing, but in my mind Matt Lee as Bert stole the show.

Now I wonder who I can convince to put Hairpsray tickets are on their wishlist....

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