Friday, January 28, 2011

hair dilema

This time 10 years ago my hair was cut, slashed, razored, coloured beyond repair, every shade from blonde to black and then right back again. Over the past few years though I've relaxed a bit and beside the odd colour here and there my courage with the scissors has disappeared.
This is how my hair currently looks (after being tied back all day and not styled!). When I became a mum I didn't want to cut my hair off as it seemed what most new mothers do. But my hair hasn't changed much over the past couple of years, so I think it's time to face the fear!

At the beginning of this week I was super keen to chop it all off, and love Ashlee Simpson's new do

But I think I have chicken out a bit and am now thinking more along this cut

Then again, I might just come back with the ends neatened up......

So do you every come home with scissor regret or do you say "Stuff It"?

1 comment:

  1. I just had my hair done yesterday for first time in ages. The cut didn't change to much but got it coloured an amazing red colour after being boring and brown since I had kids.
    I say be brave. Love that Ashley cut, then it will grow out like Nicoles.