Friday, January 14, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

Nearly four years ago to the day, I was in Brisbane, my girlfriend had just moved up there and I remember wondering how I would get my hair washed before the shower timer ran out.
Queensland was suffering from a major drought and the dam levels were devastatingly low.
The contrast is now surreal and what I am watching unfold on the news my friend is watching through her windows. She lives right on the Brisbane River, thankfully in a fourth floor apartment and looking out of her windows is like a postcard. At this point in time it's more like the front page of a newspaper.
While i don't want to brush aside the other areas that have been affected by these terrible floods i still struggle with the fact that one of our capital cities was under water.
This is the moment where you feel helpless as, like when we suffered through the bush fires less than two years ago, you realise mother nature is unstoppable. We just have to ride out the (literal) storm, pray the fatalities don't continue to rise and help with the clean up.

Michelle has shared some photos on her Brisbane on her blog

I'm having some trouble with links so fingers crossed the above one works.
I'd love to add links for the relief fund and various online donations, as soon as I get the problem sorted I'll get to it

Stay safe

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