Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome welcome 2011, 2010 it's time for you to F off!!!

So here we are another new year, another beginning.
I was looking forward to the beginning of 2011. I know the changing of the year will not take away the sadness and heartache that 2010 brought but I hope it heralds a new beginning, a boost of energy and the return of my creativity.

While I feel very little want to reflect on 2010, I can't help but think of how my little baby has turned into a little girl right before my eyes. An independent, funny little person that is full of life.
I've heard so many people say that their children were spoilt over the Christmas season. I will admit that Miss S received more presents than any single child needs, but I am the one that is spoilt. Spoilt with a little girl that is full of love and gratitude, who was just as excited unwrapping a box of Savoy biscuits as she was opening up her new kitchen. I am spoilt with a little girl full of love and gratitude, I'm spoilt with hugs and declarations of love and lots of invites " c'mon mum come to me house".

I haven't really mad any new year resolutions, just to continue to be the best mum,the best me I can be. I may not be perfect but as long as this little one is happy so am I.
Happy 2011 bloggies, I hope you're New Year is full of fun and magic xoxo

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