Monday, January 17, 2011

Shop for Queensland Fundraiser

While I sat almost paralyzed watching the flood coverage last week, I had the constant feeling of wanting to do more. I donated what I could dollar wise but i was still searching for other ways to help. While my heart was breaking it was also swelling with pride as I watched Aussie's band together, strangers helping each other queuing for hours on end to help mop up the smelly sludge that the floods left behind.
So I started thinking.....
A few years back, with a friend of mine, I started up a small business which was a women's clothing range. Time and circumstance were not on our side, and as motherhood became my number 1 priority, we cut our loses and called it a day.
I lost a decent amount of money with this venture and have a section of my parents garage full of stock to show for it.
What I do have is a roof over my head, my health and my family and friends away from harm. This is a lot more than so many hundreds of flood affected victims have.
So I am planning to get as much of this stock up to the people that need it the most. While I plan the logistics and hopefully find someone that is willing to transport it up there I thought I'd try to make that task a little easier and sell some of it and then donate the takings directly to the appeal.
I am holding the open house is Saturday and will put all the details in a separate post tomorrow. In the meantime if any of you lovely readers of mine know anyone heading up to QLD that has a van, a boot or even space for a couple of bags can you please let me know.
Thanks so much
Much love xx

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