Sunday, May 29, 2011

The last 12 months have been SHIT. 
It hasn't been all bad, but the bad moments have been so terrible that I'm more than happy 
to not recount them. Physically and mentally drained I think my energy and creativity levels 
may be at an all time low, BUT I have something to look forward to, some may say like a light 
at the end of the tunnel.

We are going on a holiday, the kind of holiday where you get on a plane one afternoon 
and even though you spend more than 20 hours in the air you arrive on the same day.

My babydaddy is of Portuguese decent and the majority of his family remain there. 
 Last year his grandmother  passed away and we were a little sad she never got to meet Sadie, especially as Sadie's middle name is taken from her (Estrella). 

This year there have been several phone calls back and forth across the continents as his grandfather's health is now on a steady decline. The in laws are booked and preparing to spend three months in Portugal and we figured life is too short, so we are off too. 
(Along with a few other stops along the way).

I'm now really eager for tips on travelling with toddlers.
Thankfully Sadie's pretty awesome, but still being in a confined space for pretty much a 
whole day, well let's just say this mumma has already a decent supply of Rescue Remedy. 
If anyone out there in blog land has been on long plane trips with a toddler I'd love to know some of your survival tips. 

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  1. I love Portugal ... how exciting!! My tip - new toys to open at different stages of the flight. But I have no doubt Sadie will be as excited about the plane as you guys x