Monday, May 16, 2011

Point and Shoot : A hermit life

We've only left the house once since Wednesday. I may be on the path to becoming a hermit. 
Or preparing for a winter hibernation to say the least.

When I arrived home from work on Tuesday Miss Sadie was sulky and snotty. Wednesday morning I woke with a sore ear and teeth (??) and we had to skip a birthday party and by Thursday the Mr had man flu. What is it with men these days? Seriously, my dad had heart surgery a couple of weeks ago, but that didn't stop him from manning the barbie on mother's day. Before you shriek about the fact he was the one out cooking, we all offered but he wouldn't hear of it, my Dad's a bloody legend!

So yesterday while the Mr slept most of the day away I whipped up a pot of  the 
Potato and Leek soup recipe from the latest Real Living and it was soooooo good. 
Will be making this a few more times over the winter months. 

Now I must return to the real world, shopping to be done, bills to be paid and I think Dora may need a break as she may be at the point of exhaustion with all the exploring I'e seen her do in the last couple of days.

Playing along with sunny + scout for point and shoot.  Check it out


  1. Potato and Leek soup, that sounds yummy..

  2. Your not a hermit, just know how to chillax!
    I spotted that recipe in the lastest issue too, potato & leek is my absolutely favourite, glad someone else has already tried and tested it so its worth a cook up!

  3. I think everyone is a little bit in hibernation mode at the moment. It is so freaking cold!

    Potato and leek soup sounds like perfect hermit food xxx

  4. Being a hermit is my new favourite pastime! Thanks for joining in this week...