Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Time time time

Today I'm taking advantage of Melbourne's crappy weather and a sooky and snotty little 
girl and getting in some quality arse time on the couch. 
(Playhouse Disney probably wouldn't be my first channel of choice, but if it gives me 
10 minutes on the iPad that I THOUGHT was mine, bring it on).

Lately time really does seem to get away from me. 
My time management/multi -tasking skills have been left by the wayside and I feel like I 
wake up and all of a sudden it's Friday. All of a sudden it's May!

The thing is if you asked me what I had been up to lately I would probably reply with 'nothing much', and try to figure out where the time had gone.

I am definitely adjusting to part time solo parenting. The baby daddy is overseeing 
night works and spends about two woken hours a day at home, the majority of that time he 
has phone glued to his ear. Once the weekend arrives his body clock is all over the place 
so he's not really present, so it's pretty much me and Sadie all day, every day. 
Suffice to say it wasn't this mumma that got to sleep in on mother's day.

So I'm going to sit here on the couch, watching Mickey Mouse, drinking copious amounts of Liquorice tea and I may even finish the half dozen blog posts that I have started over the past couple of weeks and never gotten bak to. I may also spend a few minutes (or thirty) perusing pinterest or I may even just sit here and cuddle the cold away.

And most importantly it's going to be free of guilt!

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