Thursday, May 26, 2011

Point and Shoot: Polar Opposites

So in hindsight, the previous weeks hermit lifestyle must have been some much needed downtime in preparation for some non stop parting over this weekend just past. 

Although I know it was purely coincidental I couldn't help thinking everyone had decided to throw parties over the weekend just incase stories of the impending rapture were true. 

Saturday started off with a ladybug styled 1st Birthday party for my god daughter Charlotte. 

How awesome is that cake!!!!

While she may not have been totally co-operative in front of the camera, she was more than happy to participate in some planking!

Kylie has shared some more details on her blog, you an read about it here

When then headed home to pick up the desserts  for my nieces 12th birthday.
Red Velvet and  Choc vanilla cupcakes, Cherry Bombs as well as a specially 
requested strawberry Freddo inspired  birthday cheesecake.

I still can not believe this chic starts high school next year.
What an adventure.

The weekend was finished off with a baby shower for which I baked another 
three batches of cakes. I forgot my camera and I'm totally blaming the sugar intake.
I'll be happy to not see another cake for a few weeks that's for sure.


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  1. Thanks for sharing Charlotte's b'day. She is an awesome planker! MMM strawberry freddo inspired cake, I must try that. xx