Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jeff Bukley

Like James Dean and River Phoenix, Jeff Buckley is one of those beautiful people who I often
wonder what they may be doing right now had they not died so young.
James Dean may have been just another actor that made a few amazing movies but that's it, 
River Phoenix may have left the art-house scripts behind and made action movies (I highly 
doubt that, but Keanu has made  a few dodgy career choices!). Jeff Buckley though..........

His "mainstream" success was most certainly determined by his untimely death. 
So its hard to know what would have been. 
When I was product buyer for a large musical chain I remember that every time "Grace" was at 
a lower price point we would sell hundreds of copies and have always wondered had he not 
decided to take a swim on that fateful night 14 years ago, if he would have been such a success 
and keep delivering amazing music.

Whispers of a Biopic being made of his life hae been rumored over the last few years which Im pretty eager to see. Recently I heard Robert Pattinson was keen to take on the role, then a couple of days ago I read that Penn Badgley had been cast According to the LA TIMES this is false.  Either way I think Id be happy to see either of these guys play Jeff. The only unfortunate thing is we know how this story ends.


  1. I wasn't so sure about Penn doing this until I saw a snippet of him singing ... maybe he will be ok after all - fingers crossed cause I do love me a little Jeff!

  2. I was lucky enough to see Jeff Buckley perform twice. I will never forget it! just amazing!